New year, new beginnings, same us!

2014 is officially over in a matter of hours, time is flying. In a time of new beginnings and resolutions it’s nice to just pause and do nothing but think. Think about life past, present, and future and just let it all sink in. At this moment I am sitting in the couch in clothes that need to be washed, socks that don’t match, hair is up and looking especially nasty, Brad is doing laundry and we are both feeling pretty ready, yet relaxed for 2015.
This coming year we have at least one huge change coming and we couldn’t be more excited for our little mister to join in our adventures. We have thought about what that means and talked about expectations but really we are just trying to take it one day at a time because, what else can we do but just take it slowly.
As for me, I don’t have any huge resolutions as far as the new year aside from just trying to begin every day with a bright outlook and just love. I love my Brad, love my little mister and love my family and I’m extremely grateful for all that have and that I have been blessed with.

Here’s to 2015!!!!!🍷🍻🍺 (non-alcoholic of course, for now 👶)


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