Fall is upon us.
I realize that it is barely the end of August but already the temperatures have cooled, the mountains have already acquired their first snow caps, and my heater without a doubt has to be on when driving to work in the morning. YUCK!
Everyone has their favorite time of year, for many this is it! The leaves changing, the sweater weather (insert The Neighborhood Song here), shorter days…. Bla bla bla. For me, however this season means winter is around the corner and that, is my least favorite season. I don’t like to be cold, I don’t like driving home from work in the dark, I don’t like having to run my heater all day everyday to feel comfortable and I don’t like having to layer on layer clothes. This all mostly boils down to me hating being cold and shorter days. Now, all of that said, I LOVE baking and I LOVE cuddling and I also LOVE produce! All of which happen to fall right into place during this season and so, these are what will continue to help me take it one day at a time, bake a lot, cuddle more, and eat a ton!
Another huge part of fall?!
While I am not the biggest fan of pumpkin pie, these pumpkin cookies definitely hit the spot almost every


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