Why vegan?

I bet people get tired of hearing about the vegan lifestyle, I understand that sometimes when I speak of my lifestyle it can get annoying.  On the flip side, I have had so many people ask me in the last couple of months why I am vegan, why did I CHOOSE to eat like this? And what do I miss?  Here is my best answer.

There have been many things that have lead up to my decision to eat a strictly plant-based diet not just a few little things.  Some connections I made growing up (dad, you know) but it is not just that, it was also cooking dinner for my husband and I for a couple of years, I was just cooking meat and using cheese because it was what I knew, what I grew up with and not because I particularly believed it was good for my body.  After an eating plan that helped me be healthier and lose weight ended mid 2010 I jokingly told Brad that I would be happy never eating another egg or another piece of chicken as this was the biggest part of the diet I was doing, he laughed and that was it.  At that point I realized that I really could and I began reading up on vegetarianism and making the connection between animals, other living creatures with beating hearts and what was on my plate.  I read more and more about the health benefits and the benefits to our fellow animal friends and decided after about six months of vegetarianism that it was time to try veganism.  There have definitely been a few bumps in the road, and a whole ton of learning experiences that have been hard but I feel truly comfortable with this lifestyle that I have chosen and also that I have finally found my true self through living this way.

Alright, bla bla now what do I miss the most? Not chicken at all, not hamburgers, and definitely not hot dogs or cheese because the plant-based substitutes for all of these are WAY better tasting to me than any of the animal based ones.  The one thing I can truly say that I miss the most is French toast, Brad used to make me French toast on the weekends and although there are ways to make it vegan I haven’t tried it yet and I don’t know if I am ready to, I just don’t quite know that it could compare to his.

So who knows if anyone will even read this but if you do, that is my best way of trying to explain why I live the way that I do.



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One thought on “Why vegan?

  1. I can honestly say I bet you can make better alternative French toast than me 🙂

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