Winter is no longer welcome

It is now January and the holidays have come and gone all too quickly but on a good note we can now look forward to spring and summer, actually how about we just skip over spring and get straight to summer, just sayin’.  Going into the holidays was actually no problem for me this year I was so excited for Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Years but now I am over it! The days are so short and the nights seem so very long and I have especially started noticing that these past couple of weeks.  I hop myself up on caffeine during the day and go to bed with major anxiety, don’t ask what it’s about because I have no idea quite honestly.  Some might say it is the caffeine but I don’t drink any caffeine past 10 a.m. and then I am usually flushing it out with water the rest of the day, all I know is that as soon as it is time to settle for the night all I can think about is how much I just want to do something fun like go for a ride, go outside, watch a movie, stay up all night or pretty much anything that will allow me to not have to sleep.

Alright I think my point has been clearly made by now, and that is that I am no longer excited about winter and I want it gone today!

Moving on, Brad and I have some plans for this next year I won’t call them resolutions because that word has been slaughtered by just about everyone.  So, I will just say there are a few goals that we will work towards this next year and I am confident in them because we set goals last year and made them and I know we can achieve what we want this year, so here is to the past year and on to the next.  2012 baby!

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