Today feels good AND my shirt came!!

Today feels really good, and I feel optimistic, don’t ask why just one of those amazing feeling kind of days.
Woohoo! the shirt I have been waiting for for almost a week has finally arrived! I knew about three months ago when I saw this shirt that I had to have it and put off paying for it for so long because it was a bit expensive but I finally had a vulnerable moment and jumped. Do I regret the decision? Maybe a little but after putting it on all regrets were lost.

AND to my pleasant surprise as I was ripping my package open a sticker fell out.

Moving on, I am headed to work this afternoon for about 4 hours for training, phew hope I can make it through that shift.
Since becoming unemployed I have had the hardest time trying to tie up everyday tasks and still do all the things I want, I won’t lie I usually fail for sure ask Brad how many trips I took to and from Orem and the Sunflower Market in a day.
Well, a month and a half later I am starting to sort of get the hang of things and now to start a new job I hope I can keep up with everything, I mean I know I can but my very unorganized way of thinking may get in the way a little bit let us face the fact that I am about as scatter brained as they come. It will take some patience to work through this but I know I can do it.

This morning I woke up extremely tired and what should have been a usual come home, do sit-ups, eat breakfast, shower, clean and prepare for work turned into take the Brad to work, come home and lay on the couch for two hours, roll off of the couch and do some half attempt sit-ups, start a load of towels, eat breakfast and now decide what my next step will be, probably shower my stinky self, really hating Wednesdays right now. I am however in a really good mood so as long as that sticks I think I can make it through pretty easy today.
And I’m out!

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