Fall is here….For a second

It really has been quite a while since my last post, apologies.

This will be a sort of catch up to what is happening in life for us right now.  To begin, summer is officially over, I am sad about it but actually for the first time in a long time I am excited for fall to be here and to enjoy warm evenings staying inside and cuddling up with a thick, warm  blanket.

So here is the really quick catch up…

As summer is out of sight we had a few last summertime adventures.  We know the end of warm weather is here or nearing when it comes time to head to Snowbird for a week or head down to Payson for their Onion Days celebration, this year we also had the opportunity to enjoy Justin in his skate competition! More please!!!

The Family

The FamilyJustin doing his thing!

At around this time last year Brad and I made plans and went to Las Vegas for a night and then headed to California with Candice from there to meet Rory in Anaheim for a few days of beaches, warm sun, and DISNEYLAND!

Huntington BeachLovelySunset

But this year we had decided that we just didn’t want to spend so much money on that trip again but rather we would still take a few days off and just hang out.

Park City has been a place for sore memories and we have not been for almost 3 years this year but decided to take a chance and make the trip for the day and just enjoy the day and the company of each other while doing a little shopping at the outlets.

Love him!

We decided the following day to take a drive around the Alpine Loop (I hope I got that right) and the whole drive was so beautiful!  I would say we managed about an hour worth of driving through the canyon and then ended up in Sundance and explored there for a while.

Standing awkward

So handsome!


A couple weekends ago I tried and succeeded in making pumpkin chocolate chip bread, something that I have wanted to try for a while now and I was thrilled it actually came together like it should, yummy! Alright, there is supposed to be a picture of how good it turned out here but within 24 hours Bradley and I managed to share some with friends and eat the rest, no bueno!

I have been stocking up on everything I can at the farmer’s market before they close for the season, and harvesting all we can from the parents garden.  We made it a family day in the garden about three weeks ago on Sunday, even the kids got into it!

Well for now this is all.  I will be back soon! PROMISE!

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2 thoughts on “Fall is here….For a second

  1. Baby this is a great post! Good job 🙂 Love you!!!

  2. Candice Averett on said:

    aw i love all the pictures 🙂 i had not seen those ones from CA

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