Rest, Relaxation and more!

Wow! I can’t believe I waited so long to post again, I need to better here.

I had huge weekend plans, if you don’t remember it was a to-do list of lots of baking amongst other activities and well, I think I did alright.  Some failed and some worked.

Since Saturday we have purchased a donut pan, and unsuccessfully made a pan of donuts from where else?! The donuts looked well enough but as I attempted to take them out they came out in a heap of raspberry doughy goodness and that is how they stayed, well stuffed in a sealable container.  We attended Fernando’s soccer game and then on Sunday woke up quite early for this beauty, Lincoln Beach at Utah Lake.

Taken while trying to avoid the swarm of bugs

We made it literally just in time!

I then decided to get back to baking, as we were going to have a family picnic later that afternoon with my family and I wanted to take some cookies, some super delicious cookies.  They turned out just how they should and we ate far too many.  At the picnic we also celebrated Kelby’s (sis in-law) 24th birthday, so fun!

Peanut Butter Cookie Dough Balls

In the midst of consuming large amounts of sugar and food we were swarmed by a group of bees that were not giving up, they were everywhere!  Surprisingly after a couple of hours of making them angry I am happy to report there were no stings.

I'm telling you, EVERYWHERE!

As I was conversing with Kelby and Jeramy, Haydyn (nephew) walked up and said, “Sephi, it’s pokey” as he held up a scary looking ball of spikes that had come from the trees, call me stupid but I have no idea what it was but Hayd sure looked cute holding it in front of his face while carefully examining it.

Definitely kissable!

We had a lot of fun talking, laughing and teasing.  Family is where it’s at!




Kelby and Ava


Love them all!  There were others but they were either running around or just being rude to the camera.

That was the weekend full of fun and we were able to accomplish a lot of what we had wanted to.  It is now Wednesday and I am spent! I can get up early any day on the weekends and run around like it is nobody’s business but getting up early for work makes me want to pull my fingernails out one at a time, not for real but that’s how crazy I feel.

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