Back to the grind

This weekend was so wonderful and relaxing.  Brad and I had a lot of laughs, mostly at each other but that’s ok right? Right.

Sundays are always a bittersweet day for anyone I think, I always spend Sundays dreading my Monday and trying to remember all those things I was going to do and forgot to do, ah well.

We generally spend the day either with my family or his and this Sunday was time spent with his side.  This means laundry day, as hauling our week’s worth of dirty laundry is easier to do across town rather than across the county.   We visited for a bit and then it was nap time for some, soccer games for others and this for me, excellent.

We spent a few hours at the end of the day at Grandma and Grandpa Martinez’ for our regular Sunday dinner where we enjoyed laughs, kids and what grandpa calls “teeter button”? Hmm, err teasing in other words.

Events were enjoyed by all, even this little guy we like to call Buddha.

Our weekend is over but we enjoyed every friggin’ minute!

And now, back to the grind.

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One thought on “Back to the grind

  1. Candice Averett on said:

    cute pictures 🙂 i love it

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