Saturday’s Rituals

As I start this blogging thing please excuse the fact that there may be a new post everyday or pretty close to everyday, I am just so excited!

As I woke up this morning (far too early) I decided to make a tasty breakfast for Brad and I while he carried on with his snoring.  Actually, what really happened was I went to bed last night alright early this morning about 2 and was not even the slightest bit tired I decided to pick up my new favorite book which just so happens to be a cookbook; “Peas and Thank You Simple Meatless Meals The Whole Family Will Love” by Sarah Matheny, aka Mama Pea also the author of my favorite blog; ‘Peas and Thank You’ ( while looking through the different delicious recipes I came across the Apple Cinnamon Pancakes, this sounded perfect.  I decided at that moment that this would be our Saturday morning breakfast.  Though I did not realize we were out of syrup we found the powdered sugar to work out just fine this time, along with some extra dark chocolate chips for fun and breakfast turned out even better than I imagined.

Apple Cinnamon Pancakes

As we went about our morning I came to the realization that without a second thought we have done the same thing every Saturday for a while now, a year or so at least.


STARBUCKS.  Alright this place may as well be our second home, we always go with iced because the taste is much stronger than anything hot.  Starbucks Double Shot for Brad, Americano (black) for me.

Off to watch Fernando (father in-law) play soccer in a local league.  Always a good time, not because I enjoy soccer or any sport for that matter but because we get to catch up with friends and family.

For the most part I do find watching sports to be quite boring but every once and a while I will catch myself paying attention to the game, and there is one thing I can say about these guys and their soccer, they are passionate.

After leaving the soccer game we usually do the usual grocery shopping and then home to put things away and decide where the rest of the day will go to, today was bake cookies and take a nap while Brad played Star Wars on the Wii.  Perfect.

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